Hes Not That Complicated

Hes Not That Complicated
From Sabrina,
Once upon a time, long before A New Mode even existed, I was just
like you - an amazing woman with plenty to offer who just couldn’t
seem to get the love I wanted.
I wanted to have an amazing relationship with an amazing guy, a guy
who loved and appreciated me for exactly who I was, but it just never
panned out. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get a man; it was that I couldn’t
seem to make it stick. And even when I did find myself in a
relationship, I always felt like I was at the mercy of the guy, like the
relationship was a ticking time bomb and the slightest movement on
my part would set it off and send him running for cover.
I could never really enjoy my relationships because I was crippled by
the fear of everything coming apart.
The real kicker for me was when the guy who I considered to be the
love of my life left me for someone else. Not only that, this new girl
managed to turn him into the guy I always wanted him to be. With me
he was distant and confusing, giving me no comfort or security in the
relationship. Even though he was with me, I never felt like I had him. I
felt like he was always just beyond my grasp and could slip away at
any moment. With her, he was Mr. loving and affectionate. He
became official with her in a matter of weeks, he posted album after
album of the two of them on Facebook. With me it took six months to
get him to admit we were in an actual relationship, and being official
on Facebook was totally out of the question.

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