The Samsara Project

In the late 1880’s Jack the Ripper’s murderous killing frenzy stopped. No one knew why, who he was, where he came from or where he went.
In 2008 journalist and crime historian, John Reynolds, receives a call informing him a body has been found on Whitechapel Common.
For John, the killer’s signature is unmistakable and as he expected the body count quickly grows with each slaying more brutal, gruesome and sadistic than the last.
John knows his eccentric theories are ridiculed but to stop the murderous slaughter he has to prove them to be true.
A deadly trail sees John and his rag-tag group of friends face up to the Russian Mafia, British and US intelligence teams, a top secret military project and worst of all – his own past. All are intertwined in a fast moving plot with more twists and turns than the high adrenalin roller coaster ride that is ‘The Samsara Project.’

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