Yoga and Meditation for Weight Loss

It is time, at last, time to speak about weight management, and the truth is this. Weight loss is a journey, one that everyone is willing to partake but not everyone is ready to pay the price. Statistics have proven time and again that 25% of adults between the age of 20 to 60 are struggling with weight management. What does it take to cut extra weight and achieve your desired shape? Well, today's your day, I am going to discuss what you need to do in the following paragraphs. 

I know this journey can be quite frustrating and requires a mountain of patience. I have finally figured out what it takes to get your body in shape without much of a fuss. Yoga and Meditation is the new paradigm that you need to pay keen interest on. Let's get to the root cause to understand what causes weight gain. 

Do you understand that stress can cause weight gain? Research shows that psychological effects of stress increase the production of Catabolic stress hormones,these stress hormones in turn increase insulin production. This process quickly changes the body composition by increasing body fat production and a decrease in skeletal weight (Bone weight), a condition commonly referred to as hormonal obesity. This explains why you could be eating a perfectly balanced diet alongside a regular exercising schedule but still gain weight.

Yoga and meditation play a huge role in reducing stress levels, a decrease in stress levels indicates an increase in stress hormones i.e. cortisol. This is significantly essential for weight loss because less stress means lower insulin production hence less fat storage (decreased body weight).

Yoga is an effective weight loss technique that helps burn a lot of calories. Lipids/Fats are more calories based than proteins and carbohydrates hence require a lot of oxygen to be burnt. Yoga breathing exercises create a new pattern in breathing by increasing the habitual breathing volume. An increase in breathing volume provides more oxygen to oxidize/burn the fats/Lipids in your body. This is exactly why the regular practice of yoga and meditation promotes fast and efficient weight loss.

Also, Yoga and meditation improve your general well being, boosts your mood, and ultimately drives stress out of your life. Zero stress means containment of weight gain.


If you’ve been struggling with weight management, it is time to put yoga and Meditation into consideration. I highly recommend regular indulgence in Yoga at least five times a week first thing in the morning as a means to reduce stress and kick off your day with the correct mindset and energy. Iron Yoga and Meditation will guide and equip you with proper guidelines/exercises to guide you in the weight management journey. Also, read these ebook for further enlightenment.Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss


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