The System - How To Have The Business You Deserve: Live Your Life And Run Your Business Your Way

A business manual thinly veined as fiction, this fast-paced "business novel" follows the path of a business owner who eventually gets the business he wants.
It has good people, average people and of course a really great (or not so great depending on how you interpret things) villain.

Two top Business counselors Jack Maher and Adrianne Hall tackle the issues every business owner must face to get their businesses working for them.
Business owners and senior managers will readily identify with the situations and characters.

Two plots of intrigue – the battle between Jack and the empire building GM Mark Rowland intent on letting no one upset his world and a potential romantic interest bring realism to the story.

This ‘on-point’ handbook gives readers the sensation of eavesdropping on high-level decision-making and infighting and ultimately how to get your business working for you.

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